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Driving the SME sector's financial inclusion

Tremendous opportunities for market expansion and networking with merchants, with the latest payments technology by your side.

Take your business to new heights with Mintoak

In this era of rampant digitization and rule of the internet, banks and financial institutions with less access to advanced technology are the ones falling behind.

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Tailored Financial Products

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Platform-as-a-service Model

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Innovative Functionality

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Cross-selling Platform

Customization on the go!

Our robust and flexible platform can be remodeled both partially and completely, as per your specific requirements. The result is a cloud-native, agile, one-stop solution powered by valuable data analytics and exhaustive service management.

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Modular product stack

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Custom branding & design

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Subscription pricing

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The Mintoak Effect

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Increased net relationship value
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Increased digital transactions
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Increased payment throughout
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Increased merchant activation rate

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