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Banks and Merchants Secure from the Start

Round-the-Clock Data Security

We safeguard the payments ecosystem with multiple layers of security for everyday transactions.

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Mintoak’s Security Framework

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Our experienced professionals are continuously trained on the importance of data protection. We provide them with the necessary tools & resources to perform their jobs securely, ensuring the information & data is secure all the time.

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Mintoak has policies and procedures in place which restrict access to sensitive information. Regular audits of our systems and processes for improvement and implementing effective data protection methods are adhered to.

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We use advanced security methods such as encryption, firewalls, SSL, IDPS, and deception technology to protect your data. We also have multiple layers of physical and digital security in place to prevent unauthorized access to our servers.

We empower businesses to scale by investing in top-tier security

1.7 Million+ merchants onboarded globally on our platforms by banks.

World-Class Security Measures

We prioritize security and invest heavily in building a secure and reliable commerce enablement platform. Our security framework provides multiple layers of defense. Additionally, we are ISO 27001:2013 certified.

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Secure organization

We've employed strict policies to ensure your data remains safe from the first step - at the transaction level itself. Our vulnerability management process ensures there is no compromise on our customer’s data.

Secure payment platform

With our white-labelled platforms deployed by banks, we are working towards digitally empowering the merchant ecosystem. We ensure every data that hits our system is encrypted from start to end.

PCI Compliant 

We ensure zero data breaches and theft by taking utmost precautions. Our secure and efficient systems protect your data and prevent data loss. We meet all the PCI standards and enable a safe platform for merchant onboarding and commerce enablement.

To report any issues with Mintoak cybersecurity, please contact us through[](link)