5 tips to get you started on your Journaling journey
-By Priyasy Bokadia June 15, 2023 4 min read
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The benefits of journaling are endless, but getting started can be the hardest part. Always remember that journaling is your space. Use it to brainstorm solutions, vent your emotions, or jot down your favourite Netflix series. But make it a routine part of your daily life. Here are 5 tips to help you begin your journaling journey and discover the power of putting pen to paper:

Journal anytime: morning for planning, evenings for reflection

Don’t let anyone tell you there is a right time to write a journal, because there isn’t. Some people find morning the best time to put down their thoughts and plan the day ahead. While some prefer the nights to sit and reflect over the entire day. The only thing that’s right when it comes to journaling is whatever works best for you.

Start small and make it a habit

It doesn't matter how many lines or pages you write; what matters most is that you develop a journaling routine. Include journaling as a part of your daily routine and tie it to another habit, such as making your morning cup of coffee or doing the dishes in the evening.

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Change your surroundings for inspiration Some people get inspiration for writing or journaling when relaxing on a café terrace and forgetting about their daily hustle. A new environment usually stimulates a new sense and opens up more possibilities.

Don't give in to self-pity or self-blame Journaling can be a fun pastime or a meaningful form of therapy. But if you only dwell on your problems and constantly blame yourself, you won't benefit much. Journaling down your thoughts and feelings in a journal is a great way to let them out and can be helpful. But at some point, you'll want to come up with ideas for solutions or write down some things you're thankful for. If you keep a journal that gets dark and stays dark, it probably won't help you grow.

Use different journaling techniques for different purposes Choose the technique that works for you. The descriptive journaling technique is useful when you are describing your ideal day or what went really well in the day. In contrast, bullets work for gratitude journaling, and doodling works for creativity and personalizing.

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